Sustainable packaging

Eating @ The School are pleased to announce from Tuesday 6 November 2018 we will be plastic free.  We have made a pledge to refrain from using plastic packaging, for any food items produced on site. To enable us to achieve this target, we have collaborated with a new disposable company to meet the packaging needs of our hospitality services and retail outlets. Vegware disposables provide plant-based catering disposables made from 100% renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials.

To support the launch, Vegware have been invited to showcase their products in Nash Lounge, from 10.00–15.00 on Tuesday 6 November, so please feel free to come and learn more about this visionary company and their sustainable packaging.

Reusable drinkware

We also want to reward customers who bring a reusable cup to our coffee outlets with a 20p discount on any hot drink purchased. We have also increased the variety of reusable cups we sell, from School-branded mugs to renowned drinkware such as Contigo and Chilly’s bottles. All these and more can be found at shop@LBS (located in Plowden Reception) with a 10% discount on all purchases for any member of the LBS community.